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All sick sex tubes

Lots of us are happy to wait for the right time and the right person. If you've had a general anaesthetic, don't drive a car for 48 hours afterwards — even if you feel fine, your reaction times and judgement may not be back to normal. If the GP agrees with your decision, they'll refer you to a female reproductive specialist gynaecologist for treatment at your nearest NHS hospital. A condom will protect you from some STIs, but not all. You may also feel some pain, like period pain — you can take painkillers for this. Can you avoid getting pregnant by washing your vagina? Have a look at these questions and answers about sex.

All sick sex tubes

The pill only protects you from pregnancy, not STIs. Tubal occlusion procedure The surgeon accesses your fallopian tubes by making a small cut either near your belly button laparoscopy or just above your pubic hairline a mini-laparotomy. Counselling will give you a chance to talk about the operation in detail, and discuss any doubts, worries or questions you might have. This is not true. Sterilisation can be performed at any stage in your menstrual cycle. You'll need to use contraception until the day of the operation, and right up until your next period after surgery if you're having your fallopian tubes blocked. Eggs will still be released from the ovaries as normal, but they'll be absorbed naturally into the woman's body. Be responsible about your sexual health to avoid contracting STIs, but also to avoid passing them on. To talk to someone who can help you through this, and to find out what options you have visit www. Will a condom protect me from STIs? The vagina can fit comfortably around the penis whatever its size. Having sex Your sex drive and sex life shouldn't be affected. No, although too much sex might leave you feeling sore. Using condoms is much, much better than using nothing. You may also feel some pain, like period pain — you can take painkillers for this. Talk to your partner about these issues and work out how to make sex more comfortable. Can you avoid getting pregnant by washing your vagina? It could be a combination of all of these. If you think there is a chance you are pregnant you should talk to your doctor or take a pregnancy test. Never feel bad about wanting to wait, even if all your friends say they are having sex. They may give you a contact number to call if you have any problems or questions. The healthcare professionals treating you in hospital will tell you what to expect and how to care for yourself after surgery. Your GP can refuse to carry out the procedure or refuse to refer you for it if they don't believe it's in your best interests. This article was last reviewed on 03 May A lot of STIs are asymptomatic which means there are no symptoms , so you might not even know you have one. If you leave hospital within hours of the operation, take a taxi, or ask a relative or friend to pick you up. Depending on your general health and your job, you can normally return to work 5 days after tubal occlusion, but avoid heavy lifting for about a week.

All sick sex tubes

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  1. See more on emergency contraception Is it true you can only get pregnant if you have full sexual intercourse?

  2. In some cases, a burning sensation when you go to the toilet can indicate a bladder infection, thrush or possibly an STI so you should check with your doctor. Caring for your wound If you had tubal occlusion, you'll have a wound with stitches where the surgeon made the cut.

  3. Once you're sterilised it's very difficult to reverse it, so consider all options before making your decision. Almost any woman can be sterilised, but it should only be considered by women who don't want any more children or don't want children at all.

  4. Is sterilisation right for me? Before you have the operation, you'll be given a pregnancy test to make sure you're not pregnant because, once you've been sterilised, there's a high risk that any pregnancy will become ectopic.

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