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Video about buddhism and anal sex:

The Dalai Lama Weighs In On Same Sex Marriage

Buddhism and anal sex

Ethnic Religion and Social Engineering So far in this account I don't think Buddhism in practice comes to startlingly different conclusions about sexual conduct from those of balanced versions of other major religions. Sometimes freedom takes the form of saying yes, a yes that overrides habitual or received fears, prejudices and inhibitions. Millions of people will be forced to flee their homes and jobs. So back to the third precept. It calls for its very own precept! But we can also readily see what a slippery slope this is. At first glance, it seems less problematic than the precept against sexual misconduct. I provisionally regard all Buddhist scriptures as fictions.

Buddhism and anal sex

Traditional interpretations of the First Precept also forbid abortion, assisted suicide, and the euthanasia of suffering pets. In this case, slaves are listed along with uncooked grain and raw meat. Some old-testamentarians make careers as the scourges of all non-baby-making sex, its pleasures and its practitioners. A social engineering God or state tends to promulgate laws that criminalise, stigmatise and pathologise non-procreative sex. Vessantara, after all, showed no such compassion, either to himself or his children. Among other things, this means religions often have a lot to say about sexual ethics. The Equality Bill is just one of ten instances where the government is blocking gay rights. If you want to get married in a Buddhist country, the civil authorities provide the appropriate official celebration. Social engineers want to manipulate people so that their sexual energies are channelled into babymaking, and not frittered away on non-procreative sexual activity what today's media calls 'recreational sex'. Anything else would be deceitful. Ajahn Chah, the great Buddhist meditation master of modern Thailand, had a stream of newly-weds come to his monastery for this purpose. Only the Greens have serious, effective policies to avert ecological disaster. The just war part of the paper is only two paragraphs on pp. While this argument seems about right, it raises questions about other kinds of sexual behaviors that may also require reconsideration. Sexuality is about taste, this is poetically put in Howard Fast's film Spartacus A universal religion, by contrast, is indifferent to ethnic civic life, transcends cultural particularism, and stands aloof from issues to do with the reproduction of a specific tribe. I had to explain our teachings. In traditional Buddhist terms, free from bondage, suffering, harm and danger, and free to take responsibility for our own wellbeing, and to contribute to that of others. Given how vague and brief he is about what the text says, and given how badly he seems to want there to be such a thing as Buddhist just war theory, I have to say I suspect he may be engaging in wishful thinking, and reading much more into the text than is actually there. Sometimes freedom takes the form of saying yes, a yes that overrides habitual or received fears, prejudices and inhibitions. Like any non-fundamentalist ethical system, Buddhism provides us with general guiding principles while in no way relieving us of the obligation to make appropriate judgments in each morally significant situation we come across. The precepts express basic principles rather than fixed, legalistic rules that any one action falls inside or outside of. Especially, this was true as of the time Asian Buddhism and Western modernity first interacted the s. Compassion is one virtue, but as far as I know, no one has tried seriously to construct a systematic virtue ethics based only on compassion. It thus stipulates all sorts of rules to do with marriage, family, sex roles, bringing up children, etc. So when your body is having a wonderful time with a cuddly friend, your mind is not having a miserable time obsessing about the details of your tax return, for instance — it is free to come to the party too. Needless to say, the choice is not nearly as stark in developed countries today, where contraception is available and earning a living is a good deal easier.

Buddhism and anal sex

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