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Video about causes of sex discrimination:

consequences of Gender discrimination and gender inequality

Causes of sex discrimination

Propaganda through Electronic Media: Currently the question of female cruelty on males has been raised by some male organisations and on that basis some males have claimed divorce. Because women are submissive and do not revolt it does not mean that society would torture them. They accept all types of discriminatory practices that persist in our family and society largely due to their ignorance and unawareness. In order to make women self-sufficient and reduce gender discrimination women should be educated.

Causes of sex discrimination

Results and Discussions This study was conducted with the aim of determining the causes and consequences of gender discrimination in Quetta city. She further argued if women were raised in a different type of environment, they would see themselves more favorably. According to Wadesango [ 6 ] gender discrimination in everyday experiences is common in the developing countries. A study by Mohanty shows that women show low level of aspiration than males for which they are not able to utilize their inner potentialities and hence considered inferior to men. Thus, you should not use your gender as an excuse for not doing a certain task or obligation with excellence and superb quality worthy of that promotion or for admiration among your peers. Another factor that has contributed towards the rising awareness of the importance of female education is that educating girls has become a norm of the society and by providing them education; the family actually increases their chances of finding a good husband.. Pakistan is one of such countries where gender discrimination is common, in fact when it has been ranked as the second worst country in the world out of by the World Economic Forum in the gender inequality index [ 7 ]. The most important causes of gender disparity such as poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, social customs, belief and anti-female attitude are discussed here. Empowerment means to make one powerful or equip one with power so that the powerful cannot torture the powerless. There is no relationship between Influence of religious personalities and women should observe purdah. Examine cultural influences that may play a significant role in gender discrimination. Gender discrimination exists mostly in lower socio-economic classes and among those with poor educational background [ 17 ]. Study explores the various issues women face in their daily lives in education, health care, social relationships and decision making in context of gender discrimination. You must adopt a mindset that allows you to believe in yourself regardless of your gender. Role of social learning is also extremely important in causing gender discrimination. June 14, ; Published Date: Lack of Employment Facilities: Knowing how to pinpoint the underlying causes of discrimination, as well as how to address the problem with employees or volunteers, are key factors in keeping a business or organization running smoothly and efficiently? These were two major decisions to improve the socio-economic conditions of the women of the state. The significance was taken at 0. Even if a girl studies very well in rural homes, she is not allowed to get higher education. Gender discrimination as the name suggests is the unfair treatment of women and denial of opportunities and violation of their rights. Solutions for Gender Discrimination Although there is no one-size-fits-all remedy for gender discrimination, there are a few solutions that you can implement to help improve the situation. Types Of sexual harassment In reality there are two types of sexual workplace harassment and these are known as 'quid Pro Quo' and hostile environment'. The stratified sampling has been used in this research. Interference in matters of family planning, taking up a job, greater freedom in domestic, political and social activities should also be faced with courage and determination. Therefore Baren and Byrne hold that as women enter new fields and take new roles traditional stereotypes about them may fade subsequently.

Causes of sex discrimination

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