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Confronting the sex addict

This should set a positive, loving tone for the difficult conversation ahead and clarify that even though you are angry, you are an ally, not an accuser or an enemy. Twelve-step meetings, especially when combined with individual and group therapy, are also effective in this regard. Plus, it gives me something to look forward to after work. If your goal is to elicit a positive response from your spouse and open the way for constructive progress and a return to successful management of the addiction, you need to approach this confrontation in a deliberate, mindful, and careful way; you need to make sure that your approach puts your partner in a position where he or she is able to respond productively rather than defensively. It took me over two years to vent my venom and as I remember most conversations ended badly. For the sake of everyone involved, sometimes family members of addicts must confront the addict's behavior. This is where therapy can provide you with some support to know how you can best address this issue.

Confronting the sex addict

Sexual boundaries and rules in your relationship are no exception. Perhaps those who are activists in sex addiction denial will eventually need to come face to face with the impact of a problem that is not going away. And this behavior has been a comfort for a long time. A skilled clinical educator, he routinely provides training to therapists, the US military, hospitals, and psychiatric centers in the US and abroad. This is where therapy can provide you with some support to know how you can best address this issue. It is almost as if they refuse to see, or are unable to integrate into their conscious thought process, the destructive effects of their sexual and romantic activity not only upon themselves, but on those who love them. Defending their sexual behavior patterns to themselves and others, many say they are at the mercy of people or problems in their lives, and that sexual acting out gives them a sense of freedom and control they do not experience elsewhere. The addict may at first deny the behavior and attempt to dismiss your suspicions or refute your evidence, and if those attempts fail, then he or she may become angry and attempt to deflect blame for the situation onto you. After a confrontation, you will likely feel tired and overwhelmed, or relieved. One useful therapeutic task in terms of breaking through denial is asking the client to write down all the reasons his or her various problematic sexual and romantic behaviors are OK. Addicts who have been found out are often deeply ashamed and may honestly think that they feel so bad about their behavior that they could never do it again. Plus, even when we were having sex it was totally vanilla. Rather, ask them to share that with you kindly. Unfortunately, as with most active addicts, these individuals are often out of touch with the unforeseen costs of their addictive behavior patterns until a related crisis emerges for which they seek help. It took a long time for the U. I get asked over and over again: The breakdown of denial The breaking down of denial means coming to some level of acceptance and willingness to get help, even though doubts still linger. Like someone who is found wandering around in the dark, sex addicts in early recovery often have little insight into the path that lead them astray, as their behavior patterns typically have escalated slowly over time. I needed to give voice to my pain and express the shock and disbelief. It is important in any relationship that you have solid boundaries. Because we want our relationship to survive. Anger will disappear just as soon as thoughts of resentment are forgotten. Read more about her at www. Disrupting this relaxing normalcy would mean the addict has to face his or her fears and start on the path to freedom. Addicts of all kinds are prone to lying, denial and resistance—this is largely in response to shame and not wanting to expose problems that may be hard to deal with. If you take the time to reflect as to why you are confronting, the outcome may be much more positive. You may not be ready to hear the whole truth, but ask for it out of anger.

Confronting the sex addict

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  1. You are still free to smoke, but now you have a right to know the truth about what smoking can do to you. This should set a positive, loving tone for the difficult conversation ahead and clarify that even though you are angry, you are an ally, not an accuser or an enemy.

  2. If you peel, it might pull less, but it drags and lasts. The best plan is to Find a therapist who has had certified sex addiction training to help you cope with this challenging situation.

  3. Working through Denial For sex and love addicts, initial treatment typically focuses on three main issues:

  4. Brief orgasms and a few minutes of excitement can be followed by years of fear, pain, shame, self-doubt, self-criticism, judgment, and anger.

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