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First night

First night sex live

Consummate at ease, or repent at leisure! However, if the first few encounters are not pleasurable enough, these will probably leave a negative impact on the psyche. It's your first night as husband and wife. While having your evening cuppa, have a sip of the hot drink before kissing him on the lips or anywhere else! Send us an email at expertadvice. Crack out the ice cubes See point above. In today's world, in which pre-marriage festivities go on for several days, if not weeks, the newly-weds are probably sleeping together even before they hit the suhaag raat bed. More like feathers, which can be used to gently tickle the body, or a silk scarf if you want to try the whole blindfolding thing. You're guaranteed to be swept off your feet!

First night sex live

Consummate at ease, or repent at leisure! Light a candle Smell can be a powerful libido enhancer. Sanjay Chugh, psychiatrist Want expert advice for your relationship? Send him a spicy card Send a card to his office detailing exactly what you have planned for this evening. You want to make it special, but you don't want to burden it with too-high expectations. Send us an email at expertadvice. Michelle Bender Photo Credit: Load your music app with your spouse's favorite tunes, and put it on when you enter your hotel room. It's said that lavender and pumpkin pie are considered aphrodisiac smells for men, while women get turned on by smells like cucumber who knew? Take it slow and savour the moment to make it more memorable. Leave a trail of clothes Make sure you get home before him, and leave a trail of clothes from the front door to the bedroom, suggesting you're ready to greet him with very little on. Try ylang-ylang, sandalwood, lavender or jasmine—scents that are said to increase arousal and sexual desire. Grab some chocolate sauce and drizzle it over his chest before slowly licking it off. This romantic tradition, which dates from Roman times, when it was said to ensure good luck for the couple, is fun for both partners. Eat oysters Oysters are another known aphrodisiac, so why not have a candlelit dinner serving up some posh seafood? Postmarriage, it is only when all the tiredness and fatigue of the wedding ceremonies have eased off that the couple gets into the mood. Pick somewhere unexpected Always have sex in your bedroom let's face it, most people do? Download The Times of India news app for your device. Stop fretting and just go with the flow. More like feathers, which can be used to gently tickle the body, or a silk scarf if you want to try the whole blindfolding thing. Here's a message for all those out there who are about to hit the nuptial sack: Start with a relaxing massage Stress is a definite mood-killer. Leave a trail of rose petals A little more romantic than the above, for those who wish. But ask him to pick something up from Agent Provocateur on his way in, and not only does he do the shopping for you, but you get some pretty and free lingerie out of it. These little things keep you focused on each other, and build anticipation as the wedding night approaches.

First night sex live

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