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Intense confrontation over anti-police hat at Santa Ana council meeting

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On arrival at 1: Wilson did not fire his gun as Brown ran from him. The recording was not time-stamped. Gunshots were recorded in Ferguson police logs at 2: Michael Graham, the St. This witness gave several different accounts of how many shots were fired. Wilson then fired another set of shots, but Brown was still running at him.

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Louis County detectives were notified at Johnson said he never saw Brown hit Wilson and did not think Brown grabbed for Wilson's gun, but that a shot was fired. And send me another car. This autopsy was limited because the previous county autopsy had washed, embalmed, and taken evidence off the body. They then played a phone call in which that man admitted he actually had not seen the incident at all. According to the witness, "crowds of people had begun to gather, wrongly claiming the police shot Brown for no reason and that he had his hands up in surrender". He explained Wilson told Brown to "stop" or "get down" at least ten times, but instead Brown "charged" at Wilson. And that has a huge relevance on how this case might finally end up. Witness responded that they would not like what he had to say. On August 10, a day of memorials began peacefully, but some crowd members became unruly after an evening candlelight vigil. He said Wilson fired in self-defense, and did not appear to be shooting to kill at first. I just felt like I want to be part of something Brown did not put his hands up in surrender but made some type of movement similar to pulling his pants up or a shoulder shrug and then made a full charge at Wilson. There were three black members one man and two women and nine whites six men and three women , an ethnic breakdown that roughly reflects the racial makeup of St. There were ten spent. He said he saw Wilson chase Brown until Brown abruptly turned around. Brown ignored Wilson's commands to stop and get on the ground, so Wilson fired multiple shots at him, paused and yelled at him to get on the ground again, but Brown was still charging at him and had not slowed down. Brown's body was removed at 4: The recording is about 12 seconds long and captured a total of 10 gunshots. Witness did not see Brown's hands up. After the video was rediscovered and made public in , some, including Brown's family, said they believed Brown had left the package there for safekeeping and later returned to retrieve it. An investigator with the St. Wilson shot at Brown again, but missed and he took off running east, while Wilson exited his vehicle and radioed for backup. Louis County Prosecutor's Office on December 8, two weeks after the grand jury chose not to indict Wilson. So I want to know which one is really your memory or did you see this at all? Wilson said two patrol cars showed up approximately fifteen to twenty seconds after the final shot.

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  1. Louis medical examiner, said blood was found on Wilson's gun and inside the car, and tissue from Brown was found on the exterior of the driver's side of Wilson's vehicle; this evidence was consistent with a struggle at that location.

  2. Louis County, was in charge of the prosecution but did not participate in the direct handling of the grand jury hearing. Brown came to a stop near a car, put his hand down on the car, and turned around to face Wilson.

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