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Video about hearing people having sex:

parents having sex

Hearing people having sex

All questions will be kept anonymous and key details, facts and figures may change to protect your identity. I may have lost some friends that way, I'm not sure. Many people in halls will be having sex. B The fears, though, are a different issue. This is why the phrase, "Get a room! I don't think you're out of bounds for wanting Alice to take her friend and go somewhere private. Oldest Newest 19 Posts k katieanna I live in an apartment complex and yes I hear my neighbors and smell what they cook and when they smoke. Getting a white noise machine might help. If your college provides therapy, I'd start there.

Hearing people having sex

And a houseparty degenerating into a makeout session is kind of weird, if you ask me. They are taking licence and it isn't cool. I say all of you who live there do, but mostly this is on Alice. I would also recommend a white noise machine. Follow her on Twitter drpetra. Getty Images You might want to start by going back to basics together - noting what feels nice, what you enjoy and what things make you noisier. D Detectiveperalta Sometimes it just takes a little getting used we live in an apartment block and we hear all sorts of weird things. You're being placed in situations where the burden has been placed on you to take action to intrude into people's private lives and be confrontational in order to get your boundaries respected - or leave, which could be anywhere on a scale of 'no big deal' to 'I really shouldn't have to do this' to being somewhat confrontational in itself. I didn't realize I would have a problem with this until I had to be exposed to it, but I'm uncomfortable with other people's displays of affection and sex noises. Many people in halls will be having sex. I'm not going to suggest that you re-enact that scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall where the two couples engage in competitive sex-noises through a hotel wall, because that would not at all be an adult way to express your discomfort. Because that is a bit Taking a bow if you score particularly highly. I don't think you're out of bounds for wanting Alice to take her friend and go somewhere private. And you could always respond with a smile, or a joke. A real friend would accommodate your understandable need to NOT hear a close friend having sex and would understand how that is triggering for you. One person's freedom ends where another's begins. Getting a white noise machine might help. This is probably an easier problem to fix - have a conversation with her about how you'd prefer if she tried to keep that out of your business. Fears and phobias and anxieties and suchlike aren't rational. You talk about a few different things, and I'll address them all separately. Do people in apartments usually hear their neighbors having sex and just have to deal? If it's to a point where that doesn't cover it up, you're probably going to have to have a chat with your roommate, which is awkward, and I'm sorry. We try to just laugh it off or else we'd be losing our minds by now. The point about the stereo is good, earplugs are helpful too. Fortunately, you not wanting to watch people having sex is a much easier and cheaper situation to fix. As was said above, you sound like you have a pretty good handle on exactly what your fears are, but you want them to be less intrusive on your life.

Hearing people having sex

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