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Video about how to do oral sex on a female:

How Do We Give Great Oral Sex To Women?

How to do oral sex on a female

With the tips of your fingers pointing downwards to create ample room for your mouth 2. Kiss, lick and tease her thighs and the sides of her pussy. You can increase the oral intensity once in a while by flexing your tongue and leaning into her while you lick. It takes some time to be able to tune into a woman and intuitively read her arousal blueprint. And just like it is for men, the more the person giving oral is truly into it, the hotter it is and the faster the recipient will likely hit climax. This is all good news for you.

How to do oral sex on a female

Kiss, lick and tease her thighs and the sides of her pussy. I mean it… get comfy. That said, the tip of the clitoris is definitely a magic sweet spot. Giving good oral sex to a woman is a knack. Above all else, listen to her and enjoy yourself. Make sure she can lie back and let every muscle go. Stop and use just your fingers for a little bit. Relax Your Jaw Stamina is the biggest key to great oral. The simplest, most on-point metaphor for this was given to me by an instructor of Tibetan Tantra. When you go back to using your tongue, add a finger or two to stroke her G-spot on the first few inches of the upper inside wall of her pussy. This leaves room for you to build the intensity and experience, much like a musician. Once you build intensity, slow way back down to how you started out and then quickly build back up. A piece of music rarely starts with the crescendo. Techniques Warm her up by keeping your touch gentle and slow-motion. Just as important as making sure she is physically comfortable is settling in and ensuring that you are physically comfortable. Tell her what parts you find sexy. It has around 8, nerve endings, which is more than twice what the penis has. By starting slow and switching up the intensity from high to low, and low to high, you create sexual tension, which eventually spills over in the form of orgasm s. Using your middle and ring finger together works best here. Rhythmically massaging this area before or while using your tongue is a great way to stimulate blood flow and add to the fullness of sensation. All my favourite songs build slowly, rising and falling, adding more elements along the way, until they finally explode in flourishing sonic orgasm. With the tips of your fingers pointing downwards to create ample room for your mouth 2. Otherwise there would be no payoff. Here is the low down on going down. And always avoid using your teeth at all costs.

How to do oral sex on a female

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  1. Working The Clitoris The clitoris is a gateway to some of the most insane levels of peak pleasure a woman could ever experience.

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