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Sex museam

Museum atmosphere In each of the museum tiny rooms, different muffled noises from the hidden speakers will accompany your visit. It also offers answers to 'anything you ever wanted to know about sex, but were too afraid to ask'. Spread across a threesome of floors are a frankly frightening smorgasbord of around gadgets and a store for seriously strange souvenirs. Amsterdam Sex Museum opening hours 9: In fact it sports an impressive pair. A rich and interesting collection of the objects about the human sexuality: Opened in , the exhibits swirl around the erotic art collections of antique dealer Alain Plumey and teacher Jo Khalifa. And you will see the plaster figure of Venus at the entry.

Sex museam

This old fashioned multimedia approach and a specific sense of humor as well as an outdated aesthetic of the museum interior, situates the Amsterdam Sex Museum somewhere near the provincial market fair. Robin McKelvie robinmckelvie Sex museums are nothing new. In fact it sports an impressive pair. Compare flights , book hostels for your trip, and don't forget to purchase travel insurance before you go. As well as international exhibits the strong collection also delves into the murky world of Spanish pornographic cinema. Amsterdam Sex Museum opening hours 9: The eclectic range of art spreads across five floors and hails from as far afield as Africa and Japan, with everything from ancient religious works, though to the avant garde, with temporary exhibitions too. Its full name is Sex Museum - The temple of Venus. Providing everyone in the group consents, you can visit the Sex Machines Museum. Spread across a threesome of floors are a frankly frightening smorgasbord of around gadgets and a store for seriously strange souvenirs. Minimum age to entry is 16 years. Sex Museum collection Nevertheless, we suggest that you should see through the aesthetics of the presentation and appreciate the collection, which is rich and interesting. It has stood proudly here since and is actually fairly tame, a way of getting a taste of this sin city without actually getting involved in anything too seedy. Dozens were erected across Europe during the Swinging Sixties when the sexual revolution was in full swing. Francais Sex Museum in Amsterdam The museum about a sensitive area of human sexuality is located in the busiest spot of Amsterdam, at the Damrak street, just in front of the Central Station, in the real middle of the traffic madness. The Sex Museum throughout more than 20 years of its existence, not only managed to collect many hundreds of interesting pieces of art, unique objects and rare old photographs, but avoiding bluntness of pornography managed to bring them together in an organized and interesting way. The first sex museum swung open its doors in Shanghai in the late s and has played the field a bit since, shifting between various venues before finally settling down in TongLi. And two huge plastic phalluses standing erect will give you an unusual photo opportunity because you are allowed to photograph throughout the whole exhibition. Their eclectic collection is said to number over exhibits with a particularly impressive orgy of Asian erotic art. Unlike some sex museums it weaves in lesbian and gay sexual narratives too. Some have made their way into the main collections, though others remain locked away, too shocking for the genteel Brits. It also offers answers to 'anything you ever wanted to know about sex, but were too afraid to ask'. You'll find the first in the heart of the red light district in De Wallen, but the stand out is the, er, slightly more upmarket temple to sex on bustling Damrak. If you're interested in something a little more hardcore head to Prague. It even claims to have its hands on the preserved penis of legendary man about court Rasputin. In the Marquis de Sade room the repetitive sounds of the steam machine, mixed with woman's screams of joy come from the speaker on the ceiling.

Sex museam

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