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Video about youth bible studies on sex:

Youth Sex And The Bible - Billy Graham

Youth bible studies on sex

Redirect "How Far is Too Far" You don't want to answer this question so much as you want to get them to start asking a different question: These students need to hear the Gospel! Those who save sex for marriage are far more likely to experience lasting sexual satisfaction with their spouses. Giving our lives to Christ also includes our dating, our sex, our singleness, our marriage. Who is your soul mate? Recent studies in the US show that over 50 percent of all high schoolers are virgins. Remember that sex is progressive. According to Scripture, sex is more than just intercourse.

Youth bible studies on sex

Help students see that what God says about sex relates to how they use their bodies, social media and other things. You can't walk through a grocery store check out line or downs the aisles of a convenience store without some adult trying to convince you to lust. That's great Keith, but where's all the scripture to back it up? That would be absurd. This includes heavy making out, oral sex, friends with benefits and masturbation. Our students live in a culture that is saturated with sex, and the pressure to engage in sex before marriage is huge. Choose friends who share your values. Because there isn't one for you. When someone is molested Get this idea in your minds please: There are a few reasons this is extremely important. This definitely applies to our dating relationships. Take a hundred dollar bill. What if I've already had sex? Promote Purposeful Dating I heard the other day that Christians are the best planners. You can grab that stat and more like it from http: Talk about the dangers of pornography - not only to those who use it but also to those who work in the industry. Christians don't get what they can out of someone and then toss them aside when they're done with them. For others, there might not be any. Then challenge students to love the person that they're dating. We lose our ability to bond. Or we hold up a beautiful rose and encourage others to pass it around during the talk and at the end we say "where's that rose? Not only can group dates often be more fun, but the temptations that happen on individual dates are typically removed. We take water and spit phlegm in it and say - no one would ever want to drink this. Dating someone just for kicks is not a part of who we are - even if the other person agrees to it. These students need to hear the Gospel! You'd never compare it to someone who broke their arm once.

Youth bible studies on sex

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